Pink Pepper Gin is Audemus’ flagship product – it was born from a desire to create an aromatically bold and complex new-style gin. Steering away from the straight and dry juniper-lead style of gins from the yesteryears, we have created a spirit which will evolve and change depending on how it’s enjoyed.

Each batch of Pink Pepper Gin is dedicated to family members, good friends and people who are part of the Audemus story.

Which batch do you have? Find out about the person behind the batch.



When you first try a sip of Pink Pepper Gin, it’s the fresher, spicy notes of pink peppercorns, juniper and cardamom that are prominent. When diluted or served chilled over ice, the spirit evolves and the patisserie notes of vanilla, tonka and honey come to the forefront. On the palate the gin is full bodied and intensely aromatic – thus it’s perfect for sipping or for enjoying in cocktails.


Pink Pepper Gin is a unique, hand-crafted assemblage of 9 botanicals, independently infused over a period of time in a pure, neutral grain alcohol.  The top notes are Pink Peppercorn, Cardamom and Juniper – distilled separately in ‘Brunhilda’, a bespoke, low-pressure, glass vacuum still.  The base notes come from a distillation of locally sourced Honey, and Vanilla and Tonka Bean infusions, together with three secret, distilled ingredients.  The final recipe took months to perfect, and each batch of Pink Pepper Gin takes months to create – it’s a true labour of love, resulting in a smooth and elegant gin.     




Covert liqueur was born from a desire to bring the fragrant warmth and complexity of three ingredients together in a chord of liquid harmony. Using just fig leaves, spring honey and cognac we capture a flavour in essence which is at once evocative, suave and richly perfumed.

Fig trees grow abundantly in the Cognac region of France – adorning the edges of vineyards, sporadically appearing in the wild and taking pride of place in private gardens. At the start of springtime, fig trees plump their leaves with an aromatic sap; becoming richly green in colour, whilst wafting the deliciously heavy and sweet aromas of the sun-roasted leaf.

To translate this aroma into flavour, we harvest the fig leaves during the brief period where they are at their most aromatic. They’re then air dried, lightly roasted by hand and finally transformed into this bright liqueur after adding just the two other aromatic ingredients, and a small amount of cane sugar to balance the sweetness.

To the nose – Covert has a deep musky aroma, balanced with the brightness of fruit. On the palate it has notes of jammed figs, countered with dry tones of grilled almonds and rye. The aroma of honey lingers, contrasted with a teasing bitterness on the tongue. It is perfect served as a digestif – neat or on ice.


Umami is in its own class of spirits; it is a savoury eau-de-vie, and is perfect for dry, savoury cocktails, adding another dimension to what modern spirits and cocktails represent.

Produced using distillates of wild Italian capers, and then assembled with a selection of umami-rich ingredients, then finished in ex-cognac barrels – to the nose, the spirit is slightly salty, and at the same time somewhat citrus – in mouth, the capers and other ingredients are very present – coating the palate with a rich savoriness, which lingers delicately.

Old Ma's Batch No. II

Limited Edition – 410 bottles

The second batch of Old Ma’s is a special, limited edition of Pink Pepper Gin that has rested in a vintage port barrel for 22 months. The spirit has matured and evolved, melting the rich, tannic port that resides deep in the pores of the oak grain with the spicy complexity of the gin.

Undiluted and unfiltered – decanted from the barrel to the bottle – Old Ma’s is beyond the definition of Gin. A vibrant and intense spirit that can be enjoyed straight, over ice, or ina  cocktail.


Limited Edition – 200 bottles
Dive Bar Gin was born from an emotion.  A context.  A slow motion feeling of winding down the stairs into a warm and welcoming bar from a different era, tinted with smoke and jazz.

The emotion is captured in the spirit – big Juniper notes are accompanied by the delicate smokiness of Lapsang Souchong Tea, then enriched with the bite of Cubeb and two secret botanicals, sourced for their sultry, aromatic flare. 

The limited edition vessel is hand-crafted for Audemus Spirits by the ceramicist Reiko Kaneko, melts together the centuries old technique of creating bone china with contemporary design; creating a unique and intricately minimalist work of art.

Sip Dive Bar Gin in a bitter Negroni, enjoy it fresh as a gin and tonic, or swim in it neat or over ice.

OLD MA's batch No. I

Limited Edition – 400 bottles
Each batch of Pink Pepper Gin is dedicated to family and friends of Audemus Spirits. Number 6 was in honour of its creator’s mother, ‘Maaa’.

Behind each spirit we produce there is a desire to experiment and create something unique. With this in mind, we reserved 200 litres of the original batch, set it to rest in an old Port Barrel from the Douro Valley in Portugal, and ‘Old Ma’s’ was born. The five-month maturation process has introduced a tannic dryness to the gin, which has infused with the lingering flavour of the original port wine. Oxidisation in the barrel has enhanced the spiciness and strength of character already present in the spirit. 

A truly original gin, enjoy sipping it straight over ice, with a dash of triple sec orange liqueur, or in other delicate gin cocktails.

HOPPY Batch No. 1

Limited Edition – 500 bottles
In collaboration with the Parisian boutique brewery, Deck&Donohue, Audemus Spirits have created a unique gin which uses beer as a principal botanical.

We distil D&D’s Indigo IPA at low temperature to extract a suave, beery spirit, which forms the aromatic base of the gin. This is then assembled with juniper, angelica and two other secret botanicals.

The end result is a light, refined and smooth gin with citrusy, hoppy notes; perfect for dry martinis and other delicate gin cocktails. We suggest serving with a sprig of lemongrass!

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