How better to begin our new blog than with a tribute to a lady without whom we wouldn’t have anything to blog about! Dainty Mo, the stunning young lady who appears on the home page of our new improved website.

I’m incredibly lucky to have had Dainty Mo in my life for a very, very long time. And over the past couple of years she’s become an integral part of the Audemus Family, sacrificing the spare room in her humble Victorian home so that both Miko and I could have a London base from which to spread the #pinkpepperlove.

There simply is no better abode, no warmer welcome and no greater friend than Dainty Mo.

But just who is The Lady on the Homepage?

Born in a galaxy far, far away, Mo (aka Carolyn Jones) has led a long and healthy career as an actress. A rare breed who can cite Lawrence Oliver and Paul Raymond amongst her many employers, she will wryly tell you tales of her performances – from London’s West End to provincial playhouses, from the silver screen to your TV sets.

The topic of Dainty Mo’s age is strictly forbidden, but we do know that she trained at The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, where the Academy’s principal sent her to meet the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi at the same time that The Beatles did the same!

She found herself working in many productions at The National Theatre with its founding actors. She has toured the world with dance troupes, revealed all on stage in ‘Oh Calcutta’, and been the nurse to Romeo’s Juliet on stage in the deserts of Jordan.

Carolyn somehow found time to become a household name in the 1970’s, when she played Sharon Metcalfe, the garage boss at an infamous Midland Motel – “Crossroads”. Whilst there she experienced the crazy side of fandom; following a rather provocative episode aired she was chased through the streets of Birmingham by a group of furious, umbrella-weilding ladies who seemed completely unable to split fact from fiction!

Never far from work, she recently been enraging huge swathes of the nation as Ursula in The Archers, a character who’s love for her son may be clouding her outlook somewhat!

But for Miko and I, her greatest role is as Dainty Mo in the little known tale, The Landlady of Brentford.